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Hi, I started making models when I was about 7 and then stopped when I joined the RAF in 1991. I was stationed at RAF Wattisham and then Brize Norton. I left the RAF in 1999 to work at Manchester airport. About 3 years ago I took up modelling again and started taking it more seriously. I now run an online model shop called military-precision and I am currently looking at buying a 'real' shop. My main modelling interests - it changes from week to week! Some people think I am lucky to have a large range of kits and after market details too choose from. Personally I think its a curse as I can never choose which one to do next!

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1.Beginners guide to everything! Pt.1AIRCRAFT ENGLISH

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Duel in the Sky Award: The ribbon will be awarded to every couple of participants who will manage to complete the models of two opponent planes. No ribbon will be given to single entries... so take off and go searching for an opponent!