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Tool Review
Contour Saw Set
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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Radu Brinzan has released a new set of Contour Saws to complement his existing RB-Saw.

This time, the concept is a little different - the blades fit into a standard X-Acto style handle without the need for an adaptor, and the new blades are designed for some quite specialist tasks.

Set #RB-T018 cantains the following:

2 x curved saws (as pictured here). These unusually shaped blades can be run along a straight edge to to saw out, for instance, ailerons etc. and, surprisingly, the smaller of the two (pictured opposite) can quite happily follow a curve too. The shape and angle of the blades is particularly handy, meaning you can use them in hard to places.

2 x tapered saws, designed to follow curves - like a key-hole saw, the thinner the blade, the tighter the possible curve.

1 x 2-sided saw. This is a wicked-looking tool! I want to christen it the Swordfish! The teeth face in opposite directions, so you can cut slots frighteningly quickly. Radu also recommends it for separating resin blocks.

The blades are supplied on a heavy-duty etched stainless steel fret and it takes just a minute or two to separate each blade and clean off any burrs with a file. The small instruction sheet contains a clear safety warning, but I think it's worth repeating anyway; these saw blades are extremely sharp!

This is another very useful set of modelling tools from RB Productions. Saw blades aren't the kind of thing that most of us ever get worked up about - until we hit the job where we can't find a suitable tool in the drawer with which to tackle it. These specialist blades are very affordable and will be long-lasting, meaning there is less excuse than ever for not having the right tool for the job. Recommended.

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Highs: Very affordable and some unique blades.
Verdict: An excellent set of saw blades with uses that range from the everyday to some quite specialist tasks.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: RB-T018
  Suggested Retail: 7.00
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 21, 2009

Our Thanks to RB Productions!
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