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1:6th Scale Discussions
This is the general forum for all things 1:6th scale.
Need Help. LARGE scale road wheels
Colorado, United States
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Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 11:58 AM UTC
Hey all! I'm hoping someone can offer advice or help on this.

I'm building a 1/35th scale (tiny to what you build, right?) tank. Not your normal build mind you.

I need some road wheels that are approximately 3 inches in diameter. Prefer German style (like a Panther but without the interleaved design) and set up like a KV. Only I'd not use return rollers. For what I'm building I'd need 6 sets (11 road wheels per run and 6 runs).

The 3 inch diameter is approximate...tho I think going bigger would not look right. Smaller? May need 12-13 per run. Basically, I need 35 inches of road wheels per side (not including sprockets/idlers) with an appropriate space between.

Thoughts, ideas? Scale? 1/16th KT and Tiger are only about 2 inches (I can source this, but shipping is insane from Australia and that's really the only place I can find this stuff).



Oh, this is what I'm building if you haven't guessed!!