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Tool Review
Zeta Air Compressor
Zeta Air Compressor
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

Originally published on:
KitMaker Network


When taking the model hobby more seriously one investment nearly always required is a compressor and airbrush. If you ask anyone for advice they will provide advice from their experience and that is usually tied down to the airbrush and compressor they currently use, which due to how long that person may have been in the hobby could result in a very sizeable outlay of cash if they have gone high end. There are endless questions placed in forums the world over asking ‘which compressor should I buy?’ The answer is not an easy one to give and so requires that you look twice and consider carefully before purchasing a product to suit your needs and price range. Here I am going to look at the Zeta air compressor which is a new product released by Sparmax. This item has been supplied by the Airbrush Company in the UK.


This compressor arrives in a box measuring 300mm x 310mm x 190mm and weighs in excess of 10lbs. The packing of the product has been exceptionally well done and once unpacked I could not get everything back in the box with the packing material supplied. The high density foam packing prevents any movement of the contents and so the compressor and its parts arrive in perfect condition.


In the box you will find a surprising number of parts; the moisture trap is provided attached to the clamp for attaching it to a table or even the body of the compressor. The smart stop switch is also in the top box and this has a bolt that attaches it to the clamp and moisture trap. The last part of this area is the airbrush hanger